German Edward Morales

German Edward Morales is a Talent Manager and Producer with more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry.  He started his career by landing an industrial commercial for McDonald’s, and booking local runway shows during LA Fashion week.  German realized that his best results came from working behind the scenes, and he quickly got an opportunity to work as an Agent.  German’s rise to be one of Hollywood’s top young and well respected Agents. Later in his career, he made the switch to Talent Manager in Los Angeles and it came as no surprise. With a passion and dedication for this business, especially developing undiscovered talent, he got the opportunity to be the head of MGMT Artist Agency.

German’s clients have appeared in various major films, national commercials, and TV Shows, such as: ER, Homeland, 24, House, Entourage, CSI, Wizard of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and films like Don’t mess with Zohan, Iron Man 2 , Black Swan, Lone Survivor, and Mother … just to name a few.

Most recently he discovered Redding Munsell who is now on an Oscar Nominated Short Film, Starring Brittany Snow.

German is the Executive Producer of the short film “Haydens Woods”, Co –Producer for “Not in My Backyard”, and Co-Producer for Feature Film, “Dreams I Never Had”, starring the legendary actors Malcom McDowell & Robin Givens. His clients continue to book TV shows, films, commercials,and print advertisements worldwide.  German currently represents Ramon Valdez who is a celebrity soap opera star, Todd Holland who is known for Little Nicky, The Waterboy and the Longest Yard, and Daniel Samonas, who is known for his recurring role on Disney’s “Wizard of Waverly Place”. German continues to book undiscovered talent who have the drive, passion, and potential to succeed in the entertainment industry.

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